About GPGC

Gaza Power Generating Company.

Gaza 140 MW combined Cycle Power Plant "The Facility" is based on four (4) ABB GT10B2 Gas Turbine Generators (GTG) used in combined cycle with two Steam Turbine Generators (STG) in a configuration of two generating blocks each consisting of two gas turbine generators and one steam turbine generator.
The Gas turbines are equipped with dual fire capability and could burn both natural gas and liquid fuel. Initially conventional combustion chambers utilize Distillate Fuel No. 2 (Diesel Oil) which is trucked into the Power Plant.
The fuel used by the power plant is stored in two big tanks with a capacity of 10,000 cubic meters each, and the average daily usage of diesel fuel by the power plant is approximately 700 cubic meters at full operation thus, when the tanks are filled to their capacity, the power plant can be operational for 30 days in the case of fuel delivery shortage. It is also worthwhile to mention here that Natural Gas will replace Diesel Oil once it becomes available.