Our Care For Environment
"At Palestine Electric Company, we care for the environment. Environmental safety and pollution prevention is always at the core of our work"
Walid Salman, Executive Managing Director
Gaza Power Generating Company is in compliance with the OPIC standards, which are based on the World Bank's Pollution Prevention and Abatement standards.
The Company also aims at ensuring that the project is designed, constructed, operated and maintained in an environmentally sensitive manner, and in accordance with applicable OPIC requirements, World Bank guidelines and local Palestinian environmental requirements and policies, by:
  • Reducing the emission of gas that results from burning fuel
  • Controlling the noise inside and outside the power plant
  • Using purified sea water rather than natural water sources for use in the power plant
  • Maintaining that the sea is not polluted with the retrieved water from the power plant to the sea by complying with the standards required.